Anna Strickland began her artistic career in more traditional media: painting, drawing and printmaking. Her exposure to photography at the Cranbook Academy of Art followed by concentrated work at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, enlarged her world of picture making and helped her to incorporate interests in social and political issues. After completing her Master of Fine Arts degree at Tufts University / Museum School of Boston program, she fully bridged the realm of printmaking and photography through a range of projects in non-silver photography, mixed media and even hand-made paper.

Now as a mid career artist, Anna Strickland is impassioned with new ideas finding form in projects ranging from installations including etched glass panels, large-scale graphite drawings to computer-based collage works. She resides in New York City with her husband with whom she shares a passion for photography.

She has taught in the photography department of Rhode Island School of Design for over 20 years. One of the courses she teaches every year involves bringing RISD students to Paris to work at Spéos: Paris Photographic Institute.

Contact: Anna@AnnaStrickland.com.

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